Cycling ergonomics Shoulder


Cycling ergonomics: Shoulder

Pain in the shoulder area can have different causes, just like pain in the lower back. Incorrect posture is almost always to blame for the discomfort. Essentially, you need to look closely at two areas: firstly, the handlebars or arm and hand position, and secondly, the area from the saddle down, through the knees and pedals. Many cyclists complain of numbness and tingling in their fingers or hands. This is also referred to as cyclist’s palsy or carpal tunnel syndrome. The first thing you need to do is to get your handlebars and their position in the right place. Often the handlebars are too wide and the positioning too low.

Talk to one of our bike fitting partners about it. A bike fitter can then also look at the second potential cause of your shoulder pain. This is – as unlikely as it may sound – to be found in the adjustment of the saddle or a potential difference in leg length. The tension that results from pelvic obliquity runs through your entire body and is noticeable not only in the knee and hip joints, but also in the lower back and shoulders. 


The correct axis between the hip and the knee, and by extension between the knee and the foot, is one of the key topics we address at Winsole. It’s likely that we will be able to solve some of your shoulder problems using Winsole Comfort, Winsole Performance or Winsole Customized. Talk to us or one of our bike fitting partners about this or about adjusting your sitting position.