Winsole’s operating principle


Winsole’s operating principle

Every foot is unique and the better it aligns with the footbed of a cycling shoe, the more effective the transfer of power. With WINSOLE cycling shoe insoles, we have developed an ultra-even insole that embeds into the cycling shoe like a second skin and is individually adapted to each foot by our orthopaedic master workshop. The WINSOLE bike and triathlon insoles are therefore real masterpieces that optimise the transfer of power and enable an increase in power of up to 44 watts.

As an athlete, it is crucial for you to get maximum pedalling power through the cycling shoe. In our experience, this is often where the problem lies: most cyclists have very pronounced thigh muscles, but cannot compensate for lateral movements at all, or only partially. As a result of this instability, the foot is pushed outwards, which causes a loss of power and, in the worst case, signs of wear and tear in the knee and ankle joints.

Your Winsole insole is designed to prevent this. It stabilises your knee and ankle joint, precisely channelling your power directly onto the pedals. This relieves the plantar fascia and the arch of the foot and protects the lateral and medial muscle groups.

Winsole Wirkprinzip


Customized Bike

speziell für Ihren Fuß maßangefertigt


Performance Bike

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Comfort Bike

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