Tips from the inventor of cycling biometrics and WINSOLE cycling shoe insoles

There are countless cycling shoes and shoe models on the market. It is often difficult to find the right model and the right size. Especially since sizes can often vary by up to three numbers.


Shoe length

Slip into the shoe and make sure you have at least 0.5cm space between the shoe and your toes. This is important because your foot can swell a lot inside the cycling shoe, especially during long cycling sessions and with warm temperatures.

Heel cup

The heel cup holds and stabilises the foot. It therefore must be firm, but not rub or press against the Achilles tendon or heel.

Shoe width

Make sure that the shoe fits the foot but does not create a feeling of pressure. When the foot swells it can cause pressure points and discomfort. Also check the fastening systems on the shoe. They distribute the pressure evenly and must not press on ligaments, tendons or joints.


Generally, most cycling shoes already have thin insoles incorporated in them, which may as well be called a space-filler, because they usually offer little support. If you feel any burning, tingling, numbness or pressure discomfort during your initial training sessions, this can be eliminated by using a WINSOLE cycling insole.

Shoe shape

Cycling shoes can have straight or curved mouldings. If your foot curves, you should use a cycling shoe with a curved moulding, as otherwise the ball of the little toe will be pressed up against the outer shoe layer.


Always make sure that the stitching on your shoe model does not rub or put pressure on your foot. This may lead to blisters and get worse on longer trips.

Shaft height

Shaft height is crucial, especially if you have a high instep (often with high arches). If the shaft of the shoes is too low, this can exert pressure on the instep. Always check that the fastening systems are adjustable and/or the right length.

General tip

If you have a bunion or other pressure complaints on the shaft, a well-equipped orthopaedic company can eliminate this in a few simple steps.