Cycling ergonomics Coccyx


Cycling ergonomics: Coccyx

Sitting position problems join knee pain as the most common complaints when cycling. Pain in your coccyx, or tail bone, during or after cycling can often be explained by adjusting your sitting position.

When cycling, your body weight rests on the bike in three places: the buttocks, or saddle, and the two hands on the handlebars. Suspension seatposts or full-suspension frames often mean that the body’s own cushioning mechanisms are not used or are only used to a limited extent. Instead, you rely on technology, but it can only absorb part of the impact of cycling.


An optimally adjusted saddle and improved foot positioning on the pedal and in the cycling shoe quickly provide relief from the symptoms here. Our Winsole insoles already improve the positioning of the feet. Which Winsole you choose depends on what matters to you most: extra performance or a very high level of comfort. Of course, the Winsole Performance and Customized already achieve greater comfort – but with its special cushioning elements in the forefoot area, we go even further with the Winsole Comfort. Visit our online shop to find out more information about each of these models. You will find a very good overview there with all the features of the different Winsoles.

For correct saddle adjustment, it is best to contact one of our bike fitting partners.

It might be possible to provide initial help over the telephone or by email.