Optimising the cycling shoe 

Optimising the cycling shoe sounds like a professional sports problem at first glance. In fact, the opposite is the case. From the knee down to the ankle, through the foot, the insoles, the cycling shoe, the cleats to the pedal axle, there are many points that can be adjusted to improve the pressure and thereby your performance, but can also make both of these factors worse. Incorrectly adjusted pedal plates and misalignments in the knee axis, the shape of the foot and the position of the foot are the causes for pressure loss, discomfort and wear when cycling. This doesn’t just affect professional racing cyclists, but all athletes, from those who cycle for fun and ambitious cyclists to world champions.

Winsole cycling shoe insoles

We have developed the patented Winsole cycling shoe insoles, a system that achieves optimum pressure distribution while correcting poor body alignment and eliminating wear. With this system, the shoe does not need to be cut open, rebuilt and re-glued, and therefore it retains its original shape and stability.


The Winsole cycling shoe insole is available in three different versions
to meet every need.

Winsole Customized

The Winsole Customized is our leading product and it is custom-made for your foot. We use it to address every pressure point and your exact foot shape. With this insole, your feet work the pedals using the same material as our top Winsole athletes.


Winsole Performance

The Winsole Performance is designed for the ambitious athlete who is looking for that extra pedalling power. In this insole, additional carbon elements boost the cyclist’s power and ensure a pleasant yet more athletic pedalling experience.


Winsole Comfort

Our Winsole Comfort is particularly suitable for recreational cyclists who complain of numbness in the forefoot area during longer trips, but for whom additional pedalling power is less important than the overall feeling of well-being and comfort.


Die richtige Grösse finden

Wie findest Du die richtige Größe der Winsole für Deinen Radschuh?
Sicherlich erinnerst Du Dich noch, dass Du abhängig vom Hersteller verschiedene Größen des Radschuhs gepasst haben. Da unsere Winsole Einlagesohlen eine standardisierte Größe nutzen ist es leider Anbieterabhängig welche Größe Du für Deinen Radschuh benötigst. Bei der Winsole Customized wird die Sohle ohnehin auf deinen Schuh angepasst. Bei unseren Performance- und Comfort Modellen haben wir aber im Laufe der Jahre Erfahrungswerte sammeln können, die Dir die Auswahl erleichtern. Schau einfach in dem Menu unten nach welche Größe Du idealerweise wählst.

Winsole-Größe ermitteln:


Customized Bike

speziell für Ihren Fuß maßangefertigt


Performance Bike

für den ambitionierten Sportler


Comfort Bike

für Freizeitfahrer gedacht