Cycling ergonomics Buttocks


Cycling ergonomics: Buttocks

The right sitting position is one of the most important criteria for non-competitive and competitive cycling. It is all the more surprising that pain in the buttocks is one of the most frequently mentioned problems of cyclists. Soreness in the saddle is just as big a problem as blows to the tail bone or numbness in the gluteus maximus, meaning buttock pain or aching seatbones after cycling is not rare. The bicycle saddle is of decisive importance here: an efficient and correct sitting position can be maintained effortlessly on long rides and during sporting challenges, and it lets you pedal without much loss of power.

If discomfort occurs predominantly on one side, this is a strong indication of a misaligned sitting posture. In addition to the one-sided soreness, this primarily causes increased wear and tear in the knee. Unfortunately there is no Winsaddle yet, but the Winsole Customized can still help with buttock problems caused by leg length differences


You can find a lot of information about the right Winsole in our shop. Our bike fitting partners will be happy to help you adjust your sitting position. You can also ask any of our partners about the different Winsole insoles or have a Winsole Customized made for you.