Cycling ergonomics Numbness


Cycling ergonomics: Numbness

Numbness while cycling can occur in different parts of the body. A common problem is feet going numb, tingling in the thighs or numbness and even pain in the genital area. Regardless of the region of the body, the cause can usually be determined in the same way: due to suboptimal sitting positioning, too much pressure is exerted in certain areas, blood vessels and nerves are squeezed and, as a result, the region is not sufficiently supplied with blood and oxygen.

For numbness in the foot the solution is obvious. All of our Winsole models have transverse arch supports and allow optimal oxygen supply to the forefoot thanks to the carbon fibre core. The built-in cushioning elements can also prevent the burning sensation and numbness on the soles of the feet. Numb toes while cycling are now a thing of the past.

Numbness in the genital area during and after cycling is again caused by too much pressure on the perineal area. The solution to this lies in a combination of adjusting the saddle position and the knee or foot position. To ensure your knee and foot positioning is optimal, we recommend one of our Winsole insoles. 


If you are aiming in particular to increase comfort, the Winsole Comfort is the right choice for you. If you want to have more pedal power, then the Winsole Performance and the Winsole Customized are the ones for you. You should only adjust the saddle in small increments in order to avoid creating other areas of discomfort. Ideally, you should talk about this with one of our bike fitting partners, who will be happy to help you.