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Winsole sports insoles

We have developed the patented Winsole cycling shoe insoles, a system that achieves optimum pressure distribution while correcting poor body alignment and eliminating wear. With this system, the shoe does not need to be cut open, rebuilt and re-glued, and therefore it retains its original shape and stability.

Olympic champions, World and European champions, and extreme sports athletes all rely on Winsole. But they are not the only ones. Since we founded Winsole, countless amateur athletes, commuters, recreational cyclists, peloton trainees and rehabilitation athletes have also been successfully using our Winsole cycling shoe insoles.

Optimising the cycling shoe 

Optimising the cycling shoe sounds like a professional sports problem at first glance. In fact, the opposite is the case. From the knee down to the ankle, through the foot, the insoles, the cycling shoe, the cleats to the pedal axle, there are many points that can be adjusted to improve the pressure and thereby your performance, but can also make both of these factors worse. Misalignments in the knee axis, the shape of the foot, the position of the foot and incorrectly adjusted pedal plates are the most common causes of pressure loss, discomfort and wear when cycling. This doesn’t just affect professional racing cyclists, but all athletes: from those who cycle for fun and ambitious cyclists to world champions.

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Benefits at a glance

Increased performance through the stabilisation of the knee (19-44 watts)

Special carbon fibre core with cushioning materials for more power and more comfort

Less muscle fatigue

Relief and stabilisation of the knee joint

Prevention of injury through the stabilisation of the ankle and knee joint

Forefoot relief and stability (no burning, tingling or numbness, no cold toes)

Light weight

Relief and stabilisation of the ankle joint

Handmade in Germany

Special insole that adapts to the foot

Optimal fit inside the cycling shoe and on the foot

Patented carbon fibre mould and patented operating principle

Patented manufacturing process

For triathletes: relief and protection of the running muscles

The Winsole cycling shoe insole is available in three different versions
to meet every need.

Winsole Customized

The Winsole Customized is our leading product and it is custom-made for your foot. We use it to address every pressure point and your exact foot shape. With this insole, your feet work the pedals using the same material as our top Winsole athletes.

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Winsole Performance

The Winsole Performance is designed for the ambitious athlete who is looking for that extra pedalling power. In this insole, additional carbon elements boost the cyclist’s power and ensure a pleasant yet more athletic pedalling experience.

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Winsole Comfort

Our Winsole Comfort is particularly suitable for recreational cyclists who complain of numbness in the forefoot area during longer trips, but for whom additional pedalling power is less important than the overall feeling of well-being and comfort.

Winsole Comfort Bike
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Winsole also available on prescription?

Winsole Customized is manufactured by specialist orthopaedic companies, which means it is possible to obtain it on prescription. This is usually only possible at one of our local specialist orthopaedic business partners. During the pandemic, however, legislators have simplified the process for this slightly, meaning that it is now also possible to pay at our online shop checkout using a prescription. In that case, we will refund you the equivalent value of the legal prescription when you send it to us together with your foot’s foam impression. Those with private insurance will be reimbursed up to the full amount by their health insurance company.

How do I order a custom-made insole?

The process couldn’t be easier. Once you place your order, we will send out a foot foam impression box to you by post with a quick guide on how to use it. When you receive your foot foam impression box, simply follow the instructions on the leaflet provided to create your foot’s impression. Then you take your current insole from your cycling shoe, draw an outline of it on the provided measurement sheet and fill in some more information on the measurement sheet. All of this helps us to adapt your Winsole perfectly to your foot and your shoe.

The next step is very quick – close the foam impression box and send it back to Winsole. We will make up your custom-made insole and send it out to you as soon as possible. It takes approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks from the time you place your order to the moment you receive your finished custom-made insole.

Can I have a look at a Winsole insole anywhere?

Winsole has various contract partners and you can find details of them in the “Retailers” section of our website. You can also make an appointment for Jens Machacek to show you the insoles directly and tell you all about them. Then, if you are ready, we can make an impression of your foot there and then or discuss a bike fitting if this is what you need.

Are Winsole insoles tax deductible?

Winsole GmbH may not offer advice on tax issues. We therefore recommend that you contact a tax consultant. In our opinion, insoles are considered to be medical aids that can be credited under certain conditions. A tax consultant would be able to provide you with more information about this.

How long do Winsole cycling shoe insoles last?

Our insoles are made of carbon fibre and are therefore extremely durable and resilient. We recommend that you renew your insoles every two years to ensure that you always have the best power transmission. A bike fitting might also help you with this.

Do Winsole cycling shoe insoles need to be glued inside the shoe?

No, the insoles simply fit snugly inside your shoes, just like any other insole you might use. The underside of the Winsole cycling shoe insole is made of rubber to ensure that it grips onto the shoe. All you need to do is remove the old insole and insert the new Winsole. Easy.

Can I also use Winsole cycling shoe insoles in my other outdoor shoes?

The Winsole insoles are best used for cycling. You can of course use Winsole cycling shoe insoles in other shoes, too. However, when you walk, you use different muscle groups and parts of your foot, which means that the Winsole can only offer a stability function.

What should I do if my Winsole cycling shoe insole starts to rub?

Winsole insoles should fit perfectly inside your cycling shoe. There should not be any pressure points. If this happens, please contact us at so we can solve the problem together.

Do Winsole cycling shoe insoles also fit small shoe sizes?

We produce Winsole Performance and Winsole Comfort to fit shoe sizes from 37 to 50. If you need a different shoe size, please contact us at We will look into it with our orthopaedic technicians to see if it’s possible to find a solution.

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