Orthopaedic operating principle

Orthopaedic insoles can be divided into two categories: sensorimotor and biomechanical. Biomechanical insoles work specifically on the position of the bones in relation to each other and thereby correct skeletal misalignments. Sensorimotor insoles, on the other hand, act on the foot muscles and thereby reduce misalignments and their consequences.

Pain when cycling can have many causes. In particular, misalignments in the legs and feet often lead to knee and ankle complaints. But also splayfeet, cycling shoes that are too soft or incorrect sitting position often result in discomfort. Made-to-order insoles, whether biomechanical or sensorimotor, often provide relief.

The development of all three versions of the Winsole – Comfort, Performance and Customized – originated in the orthopaedics sector. Over the years, our extensive experience and cooperation with all of our amateur and professional athletes have led to a product that addresses precisely this issue – being free from discomfort – and goes beyond that to successfully pursue the goal of optimised performance.


With Winsole Customized, we offer a product that understandably fulfils the quality standard of an orthopaedic insole, which has both a biomechanical and a sensorimotor effect. Get advice on this from one of our partner orthopaedic companies. Your local partner or Winsole direct sales will be happy to make your Winsole Customized for you. To start the process, we’ll send you a foot foam impression box, where you can take your footprint and send it back to us along with the outline of your current insole (in most cases, these are just an extra layer of material without any orthopaedic effect). Ten days later at the latest, you will receive your custom-made Winsole Customized through the post.

The Winsole cycling shoe insole is available in three different versions
to meet every need.

Winsole Customized

The Winsole Customized is our leading product and it is custom-made for your foot. We use it to address every pressure point and your exact foot shape. With this insole, your feet work the pedals using the same material as our top Winsole athletes.

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Winsole Performance

The Winsole Performance is designed for the ambitious athlete who is looking for that extra pedalling power. In this insole, additional carbon elements boost the cyclist’s power and ensure a pleasant yet more athletic pedalling experience.

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Winsole Comfort

Our Winsole Comfort is particularly suitable for recreational cyclists who complain of numbness in the forefoot area during longer trips, but for whom additional pedalling power is less important than the overall feeling of well-being and comfort.

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