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Cycling: Triathlon

One of your goals as a triathlete is to achieve optimal cycling performance on the road, while at the same time being able to approach the final discipline without muscular or orthopaedic restrictions. This is precisely where we come into play: with our insoles and years of experience. Triathletes usually have higher stability in their knee joints, mainly thanks to swimming and running training. However, 90% of all triathletes also end up using their running muscles too much to work the bike. The stabilisation of the foot in the cycling shoe and the optimised pressure distribution over the metatarsophalangeal joint relieves the outer calf muscles, which are important for running, during cycling and ensures optimised power transmission.

With an additional bike fitting at one of our bike fitting partners, you can optimise the ergonomics of your body on the bike alongside your cycling shoe insole. The result? You no longer have anything standing in the way of your next race or next trip with your training buddies.


The Winsole cycling shoe insole is available in three different versions
to meet every need.

Winsole Customized

The Winsole Customized is our leading product and it is custom-made for your foot. We use it to address every pressure point and your exact foot shape. With this insole, your feet work the pedals using the same material as our top Winsole athletes.

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Winsole Performance

The Winsole Performance is designed for the ambitious athlete who is looking for that extra pedalling power. In this insole, additional carbon elements boost the cyclist’s power and ensure a pleasant yet more athletic pedalling experience.

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Winsole Comfort

Our Winsole Comfort is particularly suitable for recreational cyclists who complain of numbness in the forefoot area during longer trips, but for whom additional pedalling power is less important than the overall feeling of well-being and comfort.

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