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Cycling ergonomics: Back

Back pain is the second most common complaint among cyclists. There are many causes for it. From muscle deficits such as musculature of trunk that is too weak and shortened hip flexors to old injuries, a lot can be out of alignment. Most of the time, however, it is not your own fitness but your sitting position that triggers the discomfort in your upper body.

If you then add pelvic obliquity, pain is inevitable. Typically, when you have lower back pain, your sitting position is too stretched and the handlebars are set too low. To relieve the pressure on your back, you should therefore bring your hands and elbows into a neutral position. This should also take the pressure off your wrists and make you noticeably more relaxed while cycling. In addition, as described above, pelvic obliquity could be contributing to your back pain.


A leg length difference should ideally be checked by a professional like one of our bike fitting partners. This will revise your overall ergonomics on your bike. Maybe one of our Winsole models will end up inside your shoes as well.